Apologies – The Blair Witch Project

Film:  The Blair Witch Project
Year:  1999
Screenplay: Daniel Myrick & Eduardo Sanchez
Role:  Heather Donahue
Actor:  Heather Donahue
Length: approx. 30 seconds minimum


I just want to apologize to Mike’s mom and Josh’s mom and my mom and I’m sorry to everyone. I was very naive. I was very naive and very stupid and I shouldn’t have put other people in danger for something that was all about me and my selfish motives. I’m so sorry for everything that has happened because in spite of what Mike says now it is my fault. Because it was my project and I insisted on everything. I insisted we weren’t lost. I insisted we keep going. I insisted we walk south. Everything had to be my way and this is where we’ve ended up. And it’s all because of me we’re here now hungry and cold and hunted. I love you mom and dad. I am so sorry. It was never my intention to hurt any one and I hope that’s clear. I am so scared. What was that? I’m scared to close my eyes and I’m scared to open them. I’m going to die out here. Every night we just wait for them to come.