Being A Police Officer- Showtime

Film:  Showtime
Year:  2002
Screenplay:  Jorge Saralegui & Keith Sharon
Role:  Detective Mitch Preston
Actor:  Robert De Niro
Length: approx. 30 seconds minimum


Being a police officer is not what you see on television. I’ve never had to choose between the red wire and the blue wire. Never seen a police car flip over causing a chain reaction of other cars to burst into flames. Never had to jump from one roof top to the other. I spend my time investigating crimes, tracking down leads, typing up reports and sitting in court. It’s difficult and tedious work and you’re not gonna get rich doin’ it. But I been on the job for 28 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a detective, that’s what I do. If you break the law in my city, I will do everything in my power to hunt you down and put you behind bars. Now I’m not gonna BS you and say that I succeed every time but I try my best to make sure that if you fit the crime, you will do the time. Are there any questions?