Do Something- The Normal Heart

Film:  The Normal Heart
Year:  2014
Author: Larry Kramer
Role:  Dr. Emma Brookner
Actor:  Julia Roberts
Length: approx. 1 minute minimum


I am taking care of more victims of this disease than anyone in the world. We have more frozen blood samples, more data of every kind, and much more experience. Five million dollars in the pipeline doesn’t seem quite right for some two thousand cases. The government spent three million investigating seven deaths from Tylenol. We’re entering the third year! Oh, I’d like to hear your reasons for rejecting to fund me. You don’t know what’s going on any more than I do. Could you tell me, precisely, why you’re blocking my efforts? You think I believe that this disease is “mine”? I do, do I? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret doctor. You can have it, I didn’t want it in the first place. You think it’s a privilege to watch young men die? What am I arguing with you for? You do not know enough to study boiled water. How dare you come down here and judge me! You’re here on the behalf of Doctor Murray, another idiot, and, by the way, a closeted homosexual doing everything in his power to sweep this under the rug. And I vowed I would never say anything like that in public. How does it always happen that all of the idiots are on your team? How can you refuse to fund my research? Or not invite me to participate in yours? Your national institutes of health received my first request for money two years ago. It took you one year just to print up application forms.

It’s taken three years since my first reported case just to show up here for a look. And the poultry amount of money you’re forcing us to beg for out of the 4 Billion dollars you receive every year to protect the health of the American people won’t come to anyone before only God knows when. A promising virus has been discovered in France; why do you refuse to cooperate with the French? Why are we told not to cooperate with the French? Just so you can steal a Nobel prize while something is being passed around that causes death! Women have been discovered to have it in Africa where it is clearly transmitted heterosexually, it is only a question of time we could all be dead before you do anything about. You want my data? You want my ideas? You want my pages? TAKE THEM, JUST DO SOMETHING WITH THEM! You are right, I am imprecise and unfocused. And you are all idiots.