I’m A Good Man – Antwone Fisher

Film: Antwone Fisher
Year:  2002
Screenplay: Antwone Fisher
Role:  Antwone “Fish” Fisher
Actor:  Derek Luke
Length: approx. 2 minutes minimum


Why’d you never come for me? Didn’t you wonder where I was, or what I was doing? Or what I become? Even if I was still alive? Didn’t you? I’ve takin care of myself, I have. I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I’ve read hundreds of books, written poems, painted pictures. I’ve travelled the world. I serve my country. I speak two languages, and I’m workin’ on the third. Never fathered any children. I never done drugs or even smoked a cigarette.
I used to dream about you. My mother. My mother, what you’d be like. How you look… your voice… your smile, even your scent. For all these years, I wondered about you. I dreamed about you. Didn’t you miss me? On the way to school each day I imagined you were just around the next corner, and then when I’d get there you would be there. And in my mind, you was always there, you just couldn’t find me. So I raced to the next corner and you would be there, I know you would. Then you would buy me ice cream… and then you would take me home.
I’m a good person, I’m a good man!