Necessary Evil – Lord of War

Film:  Lord of War
Year:  2005
Screenplay: Andrew Niccol
Role:  Yuri Orlov (& Jack Valentine)
Actor:  Nicholas Cage (& Ethan Hawke)
Length: approx. 3 minutes minimum

My family has disowned me. My wife and son have left me. My brother is dead. Trust me, I fully appreciate the seriousness of my situation. But I promise you I won’t spend a single second in a courtroom.

You’re delusional.

I like you Jack. Well, maybe not. But I understand you. Let me tell you what’s gonna happen. This way you can prepare yourself.


Soon there’s gonna be a knock on that door and you will be called outside. In the hall, there will be a man who outranks you. First, he’ll compliment you on the fine job you’ve done, that you’re making the world a safer place, that you’re to receive a commendation and a promotion… and then he’s goin’ to tell you that I am to be released. You’re goin’ to protest… you’ll probably threaten to resign. But in the end, I will be released. The reason I’ll be released is the same reason you think I’ll be convicted. I do rub shoulders with some of the most vile, sadistic men calling themselves leaders today. But some of those men are the enemies of your enemies. And while the biggest arms dealer in the world is your boss, the president of the United States, who ships more merchandise in a day than I do in a year. Sometimes, it’s embarrassing to have his fingerprints on the guns. Sometimes, he needs a freelancer, like me, to supply forces he can’t be seen supplying. So, you call me evil, but unfortunately for you… I’m a necessary evil.