Stars – Heartless

Film:  Heartless
Year:  2009
Screenplay: Philip Ridley
Role:  George Morgan
Actor:  Timothy Spall
Length: approx. 2 minute minimum


Jamie! Jamie! Keep Still! Aaah… that’ll be a lovely photo. I’ll have that framed and put it in the front room. Would you like that? Eh?

Have I ever told you about the night I slept in a forest? I was only a bit older than you. I’d gone there with dad to take some photos. I’d never been out the city, not at night I haven’t. So we made this little camp and that night I looked up. Gaaw…stars! I’d never seen so many. Sky was blazin’ with ‘em. Dad explained, you need real dark to see stars. ‘Cause in the city there’s too many street lamps ‘n stuff, you see son. But when things get really dark, as dark as they can get, you see so much more. So many wonderful things. Sometimes, old son, things will be darker for you than they do for the rest of us, but you got to… you got to see those moments as something special, ’cause they’re showing you things. A way of looking at the world that no-one else will ever… ever understand. That’s a blessing Jamie, that’s not a curse. Does that make sense?