Tag: 2008

I Will Act – Hunger

Film:  Hunger Year:  2008 Screenplay: Steve McQueen Role:  Bobby Sands Actor:  Michael Fassbender Length: approx. 5 minute minimum     BOBBY I went there when I was twelve. Big cross-country race for the…
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Amen – Synecdoche, New York

Film:  Synecdoche, New York Year:  2008 Author: Charlie Kaufman Role:  Minister Actor:  Mark Lotito Length: approx. 2 minutes minimum MINISTER Everything is more complicated than you think. You only see a tenth…
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That is a Fact – The Women

Film:  The Women Year:  2008 Author: Diane English Role:  Mary Haines Actor:  Meg Ryan Length: approx. 1 minute minimum MARY Alright, I think you both should know… Stephen and I are splitting up. Yeah,…
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